Jobseekers: How it works?

Expand your job search effort by attending the Virtual Job Summit.

  • Apply to participating employers by visiting their booths and viewing their job listings. 
  • Talk to company representatives to know more about their other opportunities or what it’s like working in their company! 
  • Be sure to note the Office Hours of the employers that interest you in your calendar.  This is the only time when you’ll have access to recruiters.

How to make the most of this online event

  1. Join the event:
    • You must have a Bio Careers® Premium Account to attend the Job Summit.  Here’s the registration form.
    • If you have a Premium Account already, you may proceed by logging in.
  2. View Employer Brochures, Job Listings, and Videos:
    • Visit each of the booths that are available on the Summit site.
    • Click on the “Brochures and Job Listings” button to see all the articles about the company.
    • Click on each of the job listings to view the requirements and responsibilities.
    • If the Employer has videos in their booth, a link will appear on that booth’s video monitor above the Company Profile.
  3. Office Hours:
    • Office Hours are the times each Employer has set aside for Live Recruiting. 
    • Be sure to note the Office Hours of the employers that interest you in your calendar.
    • Note that the Office Hours are listed in the Eastern Time Zone.
  4. Talk to employers/one-on-one session speakers:
    • You must have both a Skype Account and a Bio Careers® Premium Account to chat with an employer.  Log in to both of these.  If you don’t have a Skype Account, you can create a free account here.  If you don’t have a Bio Careers® Premium Account, you can register here.
    • When you go to a booth or to the Employers Hall during Live Recruiting days, you will be prompted to enter your Name, Email Address, and SkypeID.  You will also be prompted to upload a resume.
    • Proceed to the Employer’s or One-on-One session speakers booth during their Office Hours.
    • Click on the Chat button that will appear on the front of the desk in the booth during their Office Hours.
    • By clicking on the Chat button, you will place yourself in line for chat with the recruiters.  Be sure to be ready when the Employer invites you to connect to their Skype Account.
    • You may sign up for more than one Chat at a time, but in the unlikely event that you get more than one recruiter contacting you, you will need to click on the second employer’s Chat button again to be back in line.
    • Hand recruiters an electronic copy of your resume via that Employer’s Submit a Resume button.
  5. Attending/Viewing a Webinar:
    • To attend a Webinar, click on the Register button in the Speakers page and sign up.
    • After the Webinar has happened, click on the View button to see a recording of the Webinar.
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