Employers: How it works?

How to make the most of this online event

  1. Build your Booth:
    • Bio Careers®will build your booth for you using materials and graphics from your website unless you specify other materials.
    • Send us any brochures or videos, and we’ll put them up for you.
    • Also, send us the Office Hours when you’ll staff your booth during the Live Recruiting Days.
  2. Join the Event:
    • Bio Careers®has created log in credentials for you.  If you don’t have them, contact us.
    • You may log in to your Admin Panel by clicking on the Employer Login button on the Job Summit Employers page.
  3. Talk to jobseekers during Office Hours:
    • Log in to your personal Skype Account.  If you don’t have a Skype Account, you can create a free account here.
    • Log into your Job Summit Admin Panel (See Join the Event.)
    • You’ll find a Call List of Job Seekers who have signed up to chat with you in chronological order with their SkypeID next to their name.
    • Select the top Job Seeker from the Call List and search in Skype using the SkypeID.
    • Be sure to delete that Job Seeker once you’ve searched for their SkypeID.  If they are not available to talk, they can only sign up on your Call List again after you have deleted them.
    •  You may conduct your mini-interview with them via the chat, voice or video call capability of Skype.
    • You may also ask Job Seekers to hand you their resumes by having them click on your booth’s Submit a Resume button.  A link to the resume will appear on your Admin Panel’s Resumes window, in alphabetical order.
    • The Call List will ensure that you are able to talk to Job Seekers who click on the chat button of your booth, one at a time.  Also, you can share the Call List with your colleagues who are staffing your booth at the same time.
    • Your talk time with jobseekers is not limited in duration.
  4. Reports
    • You will receive a report, after the Summit, with the names, emails, and SkypeIDs of every Job Seeker who you chatted with.  You will also receive a copy of every resume submitted at your booth.
  5. Contact Us